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  • Why do I need a prescription for contact lenses?

    Ans: Your contact lens prescription is specifically tailored to your eye shape and vision needs. Eyes vary in size and shape. Only an Eye Care Practitioner/Optometrist can properly measure your need for vision correction as well as determine which size and type of contact lens is the right fit for you.

    Is my contact lens prescription different to the prescription for my glasses?

    How do I get a contact lens prescription?

    How do I get a contact lens prescription?

    Can I continue to use my glasses if I start wearing lenses?

    What’s the difference between daily disposable and reusable contact lenses?

    I have astigmatism. Can I wear contact lenses?

    What's the difference between toric and astigmatism contact lenses?

    If I've had a form of laser vision correction, can I still wear contact lenses?

    Can contact lenses get lost behind my eye?

    Can contact lenses pop out of my eye?

    Can contact lenses get stuck to my eye?

    What is hydrogel?

    What is silicone hydrogel?

    What is a base curve?

    What is diameter?

Wear & Care FAQs

  • Can I wear contact lenses when I do sport or other activities?

    Ans: Contact lenses are great for sport and an active lifestyle. They give you clear vision without the bother of your glasses fogging up, falling off or breaking. And unlike glasses, you can wear them with ski-goggles or sunglasses.

    Contact lenses also give you great peripheral vision. They don’t get in the way of you seeing what’s going on around you when you take part in activities and sport.

    Can I swim or shower while wearing my Contact Lenses?

    Can I sleep in my contact lenses?

    What can I do if my contact lenses are uncomfortable?

    It feels like my Contact lens is ‘lost’ in my eye. What should I do?

    What can I do if my eyesight isn’t good, even with contact lenses?

    Can I use eye drops or artificial tears with my Contact lenses?

    Can I still wear contact lenses if the expiry date on the package has past?

    I've forgotten to replace my reusable contact lenses on time. What should I do?

    Why should I change my lenses on time? They still feel fine.

    Can contact lenses pop out of my eye?

    Can contact lenses get stuck to my eye?