Creative Uses for Old Lens Cases

A contact lens wearers end up with a huge collection of unused lens cases in your cupboards or drawers. Usually, a person changes the lens cases after every one month or once in three months, in such a case you easily store around 12 to 4 lens cases. For hygiene control, you need to keep these cases bacteria free; you might throw it away or it gets piled up. Instead of throwing you can reuse it with the help of some creative usages. Below are some usages, which you can take up opt for –

Jewelry Case Box – If you are a travel person, it might happen with you that you lose a pair of small earring tops. In order to avoid the loss, you can use these small pretty lens case set and store your new trendy pair of earrings or rings. The screw on the lid will keep them free from moisture and dirt.

Medicine Container – If you are on some daily pills or vitamins, this needs to be taken every day. You can easily use the lens case set for the storage of medicines. There are many ayurvedic medicines which are either in powder or small pills, these cases can be convenient for storage.

contact lens solution

Condiments Container – If you are an office person, you need to take your lunch every day and it might also happen that you take pickles, mayonnaise or ketchup with your favorite lemon chicken grilled sandwich. Sometimes, you can take salt or pepper in these lens case sets.

Mouthwash Container – Suppose, after having lunch you got a bad breath as you had a lot of onions in your sandwich or any other food items. You can store mouth fresher like chewing gums or mouth fresher strips in these lens case sets.

Ear-Plug Container – A perfect shape to store your earplugs while you are traveling from one place to another.

We hope that these lens case sets can inspire you to reuse it in creative ways instead of piling up in drawers or cupboards. Moreover, take care of your eyes by regularly changing your lens case.

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