Daily vs Monthly Contact Lenses

Most of you are glass wearers and must be thinking to switch to contact lenses. But wait, a minute there must be several questions which might come across your mind; for instance what type of contact lenses I should go for. Before you decide anything, you should go and visit an optometrist who can provide you with a good amount of information about your eyes. Before that, you should also prepare a personal questionnaire to ask your doctor, so he/she can guide you better.

Below are a few important questions which you should ask your doctor and to yourself, before trying something new –

  1. Is my prescription available in both monthly and daily basis? – If you have toric or multifocal power, then optometrist will suggest you go for monthly disposable lenses, this will provide you with stable correction at higher magnifications. This happens because of more rigid lens material in a monthly model. But if your eyes are sensitive or resistant to the certain lens material, then you should go for daily disposable contact lenses. As daily lenses are made up of different type of water content & oxygen permeability; however this will provide comfort to your eyes.
  2. What type of environment is being involved?- Daily disposable lenses give you the freedom to use in any kind of environment or activity; suppose you are in the playground playing basketball in summer, and a sweat, dirt or any projectile particle went inside. You can easily remove your lenses and replace it with a fresh pair. But this is not possible in case of monthly disposable lenses as you need to care take of lens solution keeps it wet with eye solution. It is evident that monthly contact lenses suited best under a controlled environment.
  3. How often you plan to wear? – Check your lifestyle, to assess contact lenses. A person who often switches in between glasses and contact lenses, then you need to go for monthly lenses as it can be one of financial decision. In the case of daily lenses, it needs to dispose of as it can’t be stored for a longer duration. You should prefer as per your usage.
  4. Which is cost-effective? – Evident from the fact, for daily disposable lenses you need to change multiple times a day which is slightly more expensive as compared to monthly lenses. Mostly, you need to keep on changing your lens solution in case of monthly disposable lenses to keep it sterilized. If you do not have time to change your to clean your contact lenses then opt for monthly contact lenses.

In the end, the choice is up to you if are looking for a comfortable, hassle-free or hygiene option you should go for a daily disposable lens. If you have some budget constraints then you should opt for monthly contact lenses.

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