4 Methods to Determine If Your Contact Lenses are Inside Out ?

One of the most difficult tasks is to figure it out, that you have put up the contact lens correctly. However, contact lenses are thin and flexible so it can easily turn inside out. There is no issue in putting the contact lens inside out but there is a chance that it can provide discomfort to your eyes.

However, if your contact lenses don’t fit well, it will not damage your eyes. There are many people who cannot determine whether they are wearing contact lenses in the right way or not. Below are some of the signs which will help you to determine whether you are wearing in the correct way or not-

  1. A feeling where your contact lenses keep moving
  2. Discomfort
  3. Gritty Feeling
  4. Watery Eyes
  5. Pops out easily

There are some methods which will help to determine if your contact lenses are inside out. You can try some of these methods to be sure whether you have put the contact lenses in the right place.

SIDE VIEW – One of the easiest methods is to determine from the side edge. You simply need to follow the below steps.

  • Place the lenses on your fingertip in such a way that the edge should be facing up.
  • Take your lenses near your eyes.
  • Before putting the contact lenses on your eyes, just observe the shape of the lenses if it is in the shape of a cup with the edges upright, then your contact lenses are the correct shape. If it is in the shape of a rimmed bowl it is the incorrect shape.


This is one of the older methods in determining whether your contact lenses are inside out. Here it follows-

  • Hold the contact with the tips of your thumb finger and forefinger.
  • pinch the lenses half in the shape of a taco.
  • Now look at the edge of your contact lenses if it is in the shape of taco then it is the correct position. Whereas if it is the shape of a soup spoon, it is an incorrect position.


This method is quite useful if you are fond of using colored lenses, tinting helps people wearing contact lenses very easily. Some of the steps are given below –

  • Place your contact lens on your fingertip
  • Place your finger below your eyes so that you can look down at the contact.
  • Look at the tinted edge, if the edge is tinted then your contact is in the correct way. If you can’t see the tinted edge it is inside out.


this method works quite well with some of the contact lenses but it doesn’t work with some lenses. The main idea here is if your contact lenses don’t flip over easily then it is facing the correct way. But if it flips out easily then it is inside out.

  • Hold your contact lenses on your palm.
  • With your other hand try to flip the contact “inside out”
  • If you can invert your lens easily then probably your lenses might be inside out already. On other hands, if it is difficult to invert then your lenses are in correct position.

Over time, you will be more experienced while using contact lenses. then you might not need these methods to determine whether your contact lenses are inside out or not.

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