Do’s and Dont’s of Wearing Contact Lenses!

In this new era, contact lenses have taken the market all across the globe, because of its easily available and flexible to use. Many of you, might use it in order to rectify your vision or to enhance your beauty. But it is a known fact that if everything has its own cons and pros.

We have come up with some of the Do’s and Dont’s of using a contact lens.

Do clean your contact lens and its cases regularly – Make a daily habit of cleaning your contact lenses and its case sets. Wash your hands with anti-bacterial soap before putting up the contact lenses. Use contact lens in order to clean your lens, FDA recommends rubbing and rinsing of a contact lens. replace your lenses after every 3 months, so as to avoid the risks of fungal infections.

Don’t reuse old eye solution – Use hot water to clean and discard the old eye solution from the case set. Never ever use saliva or water as a substitute for your contact lenses. Change eye solution after every month, so that it can keep your contact lenses free from microbes.

Do follow your doctor’s guidelines and replace contact lenses regularly – Continuously wearing contact lenses can lead to infections or blurred visions. Optimize your eye care by changing contact lenses regularly. Switch to daily disposable contact lenses as every day you will get brand new contact lenses to wear, no more tensions to infections.

Don’t wear your contact lenses while you go to sleep – Wearing contact lenses overnight can have a high risk of infections. This might happen as your eyes will create a moist environment leads as a breeding ground for micro-organisms.

Do trim your nails – Trim your fingernails so as to avoid the scratches while putting or removing the contact lenses. Avoid holding the lens tightly with fingers, as your lens might get damage. Moreover, fill your case set up to the top with eye solutions, to avoid accidental tearing of your lenses.

Don’t insert a ripped contact – Never try to put a torn contact lenses, there is a chance of permanent vision loss. Always keep extra contact lenses in your bag or purse so as to avoid any accidental ripping of lenses. Throw the damaged lenses and replace them with a fresh pair.

Do see your Doctor for a regular checkup – Visit your doctor regularly for routine checkups, so as to avoid the unwanted eye infections. You can take an online subscription for a checkup, but it won’t be much help to you. So. its better that you go for checkup in person.

Don’t wear contact lens while going for any water activity – Water can act as the biggest source of micro-organisms and it has got the high potential to cause infections to your eyes. Moreover, the contact lens needs to be used hygienically, so use googles while going for bath or pool in lakes or rivers.

Do keep your eyes hydrated – In summers, your eyes may dry out because of heat so put as much eye solutions as possible to keep it hydrated. Stay away from smoke or air conditioners, as exposure to dust can lead to drying of your eyes.

Don’t use saline water to keep your lens wet – Saline water can enhance a persons user experience but it can not act as a substitute for eye solutions. saline water, protein removers etc are actually disinfectants but can’t be used as eye solutions.

If you follow these Do’s and Don’t, then I am sure you will be always able to keep your eyes well protected while using contact lenses.



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