What are the side effects of wearing contact lenses on daily basis?

Everything has its own pros and cons; obviously, when cons happen it’s because of your own misuse of a contact lens or not using it hygienically. There are some serious side effects of overusing of the contact lens, which is mentioned below-

Blockage of oxygen supply – Contact lenses are directly attached with your eyes and it covers the entire cornea which decreases the amount of oxygen reaching your eyes. So, it is always advised to use silicon hydrogel lenses as it transmits more amount of oxygen as compared to the conventional soft lenses.

Dryness to Eyes- Contact lenses reduces the number of tears because most of the tears are absorbed to keep the eyes soft. Dryness leads to itchiness, burning sensation or redness in eyes. Using eye drops can lubricate your eyes and provide some relief.

Irritation with Birth Control Medication – Birth control pills interferes with the balance of tear film leading an overflow of excessive tears, burning eyes, and a foreign body sensation. It is advised not to go for lenses when you are on pills.

Diminishing Corneal Reflex – Corneal Reflex is a process where your brain gives the signals to eyelids to close eyes when the slightest pressure is applied to the cornea. For example, if you saw a flying object coming towards your eye, automatically you will close your eyelids. But if you are wearing contact lenses you need to avoid such kind of corneal reflex which as we are not able to close your eyelids in case of danger. In such a case you need to keep the usage of lenses very minimal.

Corneal Abrasion – There is a chance that the cornea of your eyes might get scratched if the lenses are not fitted properly. Never sleep with contact lenses as it creates an opening for bacteria which will ultimately give birth to eye infections and sometimes can lead to vision loss.

Conjunctivitis – Wearing contact lenses for longer duration especially during night time, your eyes might get a moist environment which will act as a breeding ground for micro-organisms which might lead to a high risk of conjunctivitis. Always remove your contact lenses before you go to sleep.

Ptosis- A condition where the tissues of eyelids move in such a way that causes contraction. If you are using hard lenses, then your eyelids are repeatedly stretched. In such a case you should go for soft lenses.

Corneal Ulcer – Corneal Ulcer is formed when the microbes settle in the cornea of your eyes, which can further cause permanent blindness. In such a case, a corneal transplant is the only way to restore your vision.

Side effects of contact lenses occur when you don’t use lenses properly. It all depends on how you use it, if you use hygienically then it will help to rectify your vision.

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