Summer months can be harsh for the contact lenses wearers because of the increased exposure to the sun rays and windy air; turning into the culprits for your eyes. Summer season is right at the corner, you must be wondering how to protect your contact lenses. Following are some of the tips for lens wearers to enjoy your summers for long hours.

BUILD IN UV PROTECTION – Contact Lenses with ultraviolet blocking tint embedded in lens design though are not a good substitute for sunglasses but at least they can reduce the UV rays. You can easily go for UV blocking lenses with your sunglasses, this will be helpful for doubling up your UV protection and can give a trendy look in summers.

GO FOR DAILY DISPOSABLE LENSES – In summers it is especially seen that contact lenses cause reddening of eyes, irritation etc, so for better vision and clarity you should go for daily disposable lenses. Every day, you can easily use brand new contact lenses and dispose of them after use. In this way, you can keep yourself safe from dust and other sorts of allergies.

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DON’T SLEEP IN CONTACT LENS – After being in sun for the entire day, don’t go to bed with contact lenses as it can increase the chances of infection. If you want your eyes to keep it safe and clean, you need to pay attention to some ocular hygiene. In such a case daily disposable lens is better as you can easily thrash off it.

DON’T SWIM WITH CONTACT LENS – It is a known fact that warm waters have got higher levels of chlorine and have breeding grounds for acanthamoeba; its an organism which can cause sight-threatening infections. A person who has a long history of infections with the exposure of water should avoid the use of a contact lens. Moreover, you should always use swimming masks or goggles in order to avoid contact with water.

TAKE SOME EYE SOLUTION – It happens that you are sitting in the breeze of a fan or sunbathing on a warm day; it might happen that your contact lenses may dry out. Take a small bottle of eye solutions which can save your lens from drying.

Best Practices for Contact Lens Users

If you are thinking to go for a vacation, then make sure to take these tips as it keeps your eyes safe and clean. Try to limit the usage of contact lenses and try to give your eyes a break. Remember to take your eye doctor’s business card handy in case you are in trouble.



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