Signs Your Kid is Ready for Contact Lenses

As a parent, it is crucial to make the best decisions for your kids. They cannot take proper care of themselves, which is why the parents need to play an active role to keep them protected. However, as they grow, they expose themselves to new things and parents should ensure that they are old enough for the experiences. For instance, how old is ‘old enough’ for wearing contact lenses?

While wearing contact lenses can be fun, storing them safely is a cumbersome task. If proper care is not taken, they may get ruined and damage eyes severely. With the stakes so high, is it really safe to leave the kids on their own with their contact lenses? Here are 3 things that you should look for before buying them contact lenses to ensure their safety:-

Are they responsible enough?

Eye lenses are not something you toy with. Storing them properly is a responsibility and ensuring that the kids are responsible enough to store them properly is a parent’s duty. Observe their behaviour towards their daily activities like homework, cleaning the room, taking care of their belongings, etc. If they carry out their daily activities with care and manifest signs of being responsible, maybe buying them a pair of contact lenses is not a bad idea.

Do they have interest in wearing them?

Many kids ask for contact lenses not because they suffer from some visual impairment but because they want to wear them as a fashion statement. During Halloween or other celebrations coloured lenses are worn by many people. They are plano lenses that do not have any power and are not harmful to the eyes. If your kids want to wear contact lenses out of their own interest and you are not the one asking them to, most probably it is time to buy them a pair of contact lenses. It helps to boost their self-esteem and confidence.

Are they involved in outdoor or sports activities?

Wearing contact lenses comes with a lot of advantages. Besides wearing coloured lenses as a fashion statement, lenses are also a better alternative to glasses in many cases. For instance, if your kids are involved in sports or other outdoor activities, wearing glasses is never a wise option. There is always a risk of the glasses falling and breaking. Under such circumstances, wearing contact lenses is better as they perfectly fit the eyes and do not fall off.

Soft contact lenses are widely available in the market and they have no adverse effects on the eyes. So as long as your kids are old enough to take all the precautions required to safely handle the contact lenses, buying them a pair is perfectly fine.

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