Precautions for Wearing Contact Lenses during Winter

In winters, when the days are cold and nights are freezing, you take extra care of your health. The same stands in terms of wearing contact lenses. Just like you make changes in your wardrobe, you need to make changes in your ocular care, especially if you wear contact lenses. The cold wind and dry weather takes a toll on the eyes which is why mentioned below are a few precautions that you must follow:-

Avoid Dry Heat

Indoor heaters are a common remedy to save us from the freezing temperature. They keep the room toasty and us comfortable. However, using heaters has adverse effects on our eyes. They produce dry heat and reduce the moisture content indoors. This dries up the eyes and causes irritation. For people who spend long hours in a heated room, experts recommend using a humidifier or moisturising eye drop to keep the eyes hydrated. Also, the contact lenses you are using should be of premium quality. Always buy regular or coloured lenses online from authorised suppliers only.

Always Keep the Lenses Lubricated

During the winter months, wearing contact lenses for too long often causes discomfort as they dry up quickly. This is because of the dry weather. Soft lenses dry out easily and require a lot of moisture to stay fit to the eyes. Lack of sufficient moisture eventually makes the lenses to lose their shape and stick to the eyes. It is therefore advised to keep the lenses lubricated at all times to prevent any complication.

Remember To Wash Your Hands At All Times

During cold months, it is not just your eyes that are drying up. Your body faces the same repercussions, which is why you use moisturizers to prevent your skin from getting dry. All these moisturizers contain various chemicals that, if come in contact with the eyes, may cause severe harm to them. Therefore, always ensure to wash your hands before handling the contact lenses.

Choose The Right Contact Lenses

There are several contact lens suppliers out in the market. However, not all of them provide high-quality contact lenses. From suppliers like Lensico, besides regular contact lenses, you can also buy coloured contact lenses online that are of premium quality and ensure the safety of your eyes.

Winters are fun, especially for people who hate the scorching heat of summers. However, taking good care of your health is essential at all cost. Follow the above precautions to ensure that the cold weather does not take a toll on your eyes.

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