5 Ways Contacts Improve Your Sports Performance

5 ways Contacts Improve your Sports Performance

Sportspeople must adhere to several safety demands. Those who don’t have a perfect eyesight must deal with eyeglasses as well. Contact lenses have solved many problems in that regard. Lensico offers colored lenses online for your convenience; now you don’t have to visit the store every time you need a new pair.

A perfect sight of the surroundings is indispensable when you’re on the field, and you can certainly manage without the bulk of a frame dangling on your nose as you run or jump. Lenses eliminate the hazards that one might face while playing. Here are reasons why contact lenses are a better choice than eyeglasses:

  1. Stability
    Managing a frame can be tough on the field, taking your concentration away from the game. Contact lenses provide the much-needed steadiness on the field, as opposed to the glasses that might slip off every time you sprint. The intensity of modern sports can only be matched with undivided attention and a feeling of security – both possible with contacts.
  2. Reduced risk of Injury
    You might injure a finger while catching the cricket ball or bruise your shin due to a collision; it’s part and parcel of sports. However, an injury inflicted by a tennis ball or basketball hitting the glasses may turn out to be much more serious; the frame may even injure the eye. Lenses are a much better alterative because they are virtually harmless.
  3. Unrestricted view
    Great sportsmen are known to have an idea of their surroundings which is impossible without an unhindered view. It is essential to react within a fraction of second. Eyeglasses limit the vision, making it difficult for you to pass the ball before a defender closes down on you. Contacts offer a wide view since they cover the entire eyeball and there’s no frame restricting the vision.
  4. Adjust well with safety gear
    Almost every sport warrants wearing safety gear like googles and headgear. A person batting might be able to wear glasses, but the same person won’t be able wear sunglasses while fielding in the sun. Wearing the helmet is not always possible with glasses. Contact lenses for that matter, don’t pose any such complications and you can even wear sunglasses to block the excessive sunlight.
  5. No haze/fog
    If you’ve ever worn eyeglasses, you know that they tend to fog up. It’s hard to make out everyday objects, let alone coping up with a fast-paced game of basketball, badminton or tennis. Swimming, for that matter, is impossible with eyeglasses. If your glasses fog up suddenly, you might be at a risk of injuring yourself. The obvious solution is contacts that have no chance of getting fogged up.Contacts have made participating in sports easier and significantly reduced the risk of injuries. So what are you waiting for? Buy colored contact lenses online and see how it improves your sports performance.

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