Contact Lens Care: All You Need To Know

Contact lenses are a suitable alternative to spectacles owing to factors like convenience in seeing and wearing them. Since they perfectly fit in the eyes and cover the entire cornea, the clear vision is not just restricted to a particular area. Also, during sports activities, they do not come off easily like spectacles. Hence, using contact lenses is essential at times.  

In the modern era, coloured lenses have become very popular. People often wear them for a new look. However, one has to be very careful when using them. If proper precautions are not taken, it can affect your eyes. Mentioned below are 4 ways of caring for your contact lenses to avoid any kind of eye infection:-               

Clean your hands before handling the contact lenses

Our hands are always exposed to a lot of dust that may get on the lenses when we touch them. Also, oil, perfumes, and lotions leave a film on your hands that may get on the lenses. This causes irritation and result in blurry vision. Hence, cleaning your hands properly and drying them before handling the lenses are crucial. Also, always use lint-free towels to dry your hands as the fibres of lint towels tend to stick to your hands.

Do not let your contact lenses touch water

Your contact lenses should always be cleaned with the contact lens solution and not water. This is because the contact lens solution is a specially designed disinfectant that removes all impurities from the lenses. On the other hand, water contains microorganisms that are invisible to the naked eye and cause various infections. Experts therefore recommend removing the contact lenses during activities like swimming to avoid contamination.

Cleaning the contact lens case is essential

Although we may not pay much heed to it, cleaning the contact lens case is equally important. Like the lenses, the case also gets exposed to dirt and dust. So, even when the contact lens is clean, the dirt from the case contaminates the lenses. Hence, just like cleaning the lenses, precautions should be taken to clean the case too.     

Replace the contact lenses and case when required

Replacing the contact lenses and its case every three months is absolutely crucial. It prevents the build-up of biofilm, bacteria, and debris that cause infections and inflammation. Also, if the contact lens is damaged or cracked, you should replace them as soon as possible.

Contact lenses have many benefits when compared with spectacles. They are convenient to use and also, the contact lens price is worth the investment. You can use them without any worry, provided that you remain committed to the safety instructions.

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