All You Need to Know about Disposable Contact Lenses

All You Need to Know about Disposable Contact Lenses
With advancements in eye care technology, more and more people are turning to contact lenses. In fact, approximately 6 out of of 10 individuals in India use some form of visual correction such as contacts. As a convenient and reliable treatment for vision disorders, disposable contact lenses offer myriad benefits to wearers today. Contact lenses are gaining popularity; thanks to branded retail outlets and online stores that deal in these eye care products. In this blog, we’ll be looking at disposable contact lens types, their advantages, care tips, and whether you’re a candidate for such lenses. Find out.

Lens Types

Disposable soft contact lenses first arrived in the market in 1987, from the brand Acuvue by Johnson & Johnson. There are two types of disposable contact lenses today – daily and extended wear. Daily disposable contact lenses are meant for short-term use and users need to discard them and replace them with a fresh pair. Extended wear disposable contact lenses, on the other hand, are designed to be worn for extended periods of time. Of course, users need to take out and clean them everyday. Oxygen permeability technology in silicone hydrogel lenses enables continuous wear of these lenses.

Key Advantages

There are several merits of choosing disposable contact lenses over spectacles and refractive surgery. They are extremely convenient, comfortable, and affordable. Add to it the fact that they are effective in correcting most vision problems. Like regular lenses, disposable contact lenses are convenient for use during sports and other leisurely activities, as they provide a wider field of view. In addition, they have less chances of dislodgement and fogging. Contact lenses also allow people to wear sunglasses over them without any issue.

Lens Care

Disposable contact lenses, whether they are daily disposable contact lenses, weekly disposable contact lenses, monthly disposable contact lenses, or yearly disposable contact lenses, need to be cleaned and disinfected as per instructions. Never use tap water, distilled water, or saliva to clean the lenses. They can lead to bacterial infection of the eyes. Take out daily wear contacts before sleep. The same goes for extended wear lenses. They should be cleaned regularly until they reach the replacement date.

Who Can Use Contacts?

Virtually anyone. The only criteria is contact lens should be able to correct the vision problem you are facing at the moment as well as a pair of eyeglasses. Disposable lenses are suitable for people with allergies or who often face problem of deposits and unwanted buildup with their regular lenses. Contact an ophthalmologist for a detailed examination of your eyes and recommendation for contact lens, if necessary.

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