5 Things You May Not Know about Contact Lenses Contact lenses are a convenient eye care option for actors, athletes, or just about anyone who is not mighty impressed with the idea of wearing spectacles. Lenses are convenient, comfortable, and easy to manage. Invented more than 130 years ago, contact lenses are used by millions of people in India, for both corrective and cosmetic purposes. The best part about corrective contact lenses, in particular, is that they are completely invisible to onlookers. Continuing on the subject, let’s look at five little-known facts about contact lenses.

1. Lenses are Suitable for Kids

Yes, you read that right. Contrary to popular belief, contact lenses are suitable and safe for children. Many children are actually found to be better candidates for contact lenses than older people. The reason for this is a majority of them tend to be more careful in following eye-care instructions. Of course, as a parent, you would not want to let your kid wear lenses without an optometrist’s advice. However, don’t be surprised if the doctor gives a go ahead for your little one to wear contacts.

2. People with Diabetes Can Wear Lenses

A longstanding misconception among people in general is that a diabetes patient cannot and should not wear contact lenses because they can encounter keratoconjunctivitis sicca or dry eye syndrome. Though the notion is simply untrue, the choice of lens for patients with diabetes would be somewhat different from regular lenses. Along with the right lenses, a widely known solution such as Renu Fresh contact lens solution helps hydrate and provide a cushion of comfort to individuals with dry eyes.

3. Water Can Harm Lenses

Sometimes, contact lense users rinse their lenses with bottled water, tap water, or even saliva, which is a very grave mistake. This habit can lead to eye infections. It is exactly for this reason that people who use contact lenses are advised to avoid swimming while wearing contact lenses. Instead, they may use popular products such as sterile-buffered Purecon contact lens solution for easy and safe cleaning of their lenses.

4. Lenses Shouldn’t be Worn Overnight

A person should never fall asleep with contact lenses in their eyes. This rule applies to a short 10-15 minute-long nap too. This is because sleep can disrupt the required oxygen supply to the cornea and lead to redness, ulcers, and even vision loss. Also in case of prolonged storage lasting a week or more, doctors usually advise disinfecting the lenses again with a fresh solution such as Biotrue contact lens solution.

5. Contact Lens Can Check Myopia

Recent studies suggest that the use of lenses such as overnight corrective contact lenses during the night can actually slow down the progress of short-sightedness, and gradually correct it. Such lenses offer a better alternative to invasive correction of vision, which may entail certain side effects. This comes as a respite for people with active jobs where both contact lenses and glasses are unsuitable.

Wrap Up

We hope these facts about contact lens reinforce your trust in these eye care products and provide enough reasons to those who are considering using them for the first time. When used the right way, contacts and contact lens solutions can bring long-term benefits to people who need vision correction. If you are looking to buy corrective or cosmetic lenses online, look no further than Lensico, one of India’s leading online eye care stores with a wide range of glasses, sunglasses, and contact lenses. We also carry a wide range of contact lens solutions such as Bausch and Lomb solution, Biotrue contact lens solution, Renu Fresh contact lens solution, and Purecon contact lens solution. If you have any questions, simply call +91 9990663700 or fill out our contact form.
Eye and colored irises Daily disposable contact lens, commonly called “dailies”, are trending among the majority of contact lens users, and for all the right reasons. The popularity of daily disposable contact lens has seen more and more manufacturers coming out with more advanced options, made using more comfortable materials. Accessibility has also improved as now you can easily buy disposable contact lenses online through a trusted platform such as Lensico. Continuing on the subject, we discuss some undeniable reasons why you need to give dailies a try. Take a look!

1. Unmatched Comfort

There is no denying the benefits of putting on a fresh pair of contact lenses everyday. Daily disposable contact lenses protect your eyes against dryness owing to the presence of fresh wetting agents, thereby providing unmatched comfort, all day long.

2. Healthy for the Eye

Daily or weekly disposable contact lens eliminate the chances of any kind of infections developing through possible gaps in your contacts care regimen. Common allergens and bacteria have little to no time to build up on your contact lenses if you change them everyday.

3. Exceptional Convenience

If you routinely go from eyeglasses to contact lenses and vice versa, daily disposable contact lenses are just the thing for you. You don’t have to keep track of the contact lenses when you remove them as you can just move to a fresh pair every time.

4. No Cleaning Needed

Daily disposable contacts available online eliminate the need for cleaning. You never have to worry about sticking to a cleaning schedule or keeping a cleaning solution handy all the time. You can pack an extra pair of disposable contact lenses if you are planning to travel.

5. Perfect for All Lifestyles

Daily, weekly, and monthly disposable contacts lenses are perfect for all lifestyles including active ones such as sporting. There are myriad options designed with different materials and for a host of needs. Daily disposable contact lenses in India available at Lensico cater to every correction need and budget.

6. Plethora of Style Options

Lensico gives you a rich range of disposable contact lenses in different colors, allowing you to change the color of your eyes to match your style and mood. Whether you need something basic for everyday use or something dramatic for a live gig, we have got you covered!

Go Disposable, Today!

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